How To Plug Related Noise Into Your Weebly Site

Now that you are ready to add the best content from social media to your Weebly page let's quickly walk through how to add the Related Noise app to your page.


If you would rather watch a walk-through video check out this video:


Step 1: How to Get the Related Noise App

Let's start off with how to get to Related Noise in the Weebly app center. From your Weebly home page click on the "Edit Site" button then click on "Apps" in the top left of your editor page. To find the Related Noise app open the "App Center" and scroll down to the "Social" section.

You can open our app by clicking anywhere on our icon, and then just click the "Add" button. A pop up will appear that will ask you to "Connect" Related Noise to your Weebly page. Once you hit "Connect" in the top right corner you will be taken to Related Noise to create your Related Noise feed.


Step 2: Create Your Feed

Your Related Noise account will have all of the same account information as your Weebly account, all we ask for is for you to create a username and password. All the info on this page is editable if you want to change your username or email.

After your profile is set up, you will want to select what you want as the topic(s) of your feed. By answering the question and clicking on the underlined "Select" at the end of the sentence you will be able to select one of the topics, or click "Or Enter Your Own Hashtags". In the entry field you can enter your own hashtags or keywords.

Now that you have a topic for you feed you will need to pick a Design Layout. Our team has created some sample feeds of content that we think shows off the beauty of all of our mobile and desktop optimized Themes. Once you select the Theme and Layout that you like, click "Create a Feed With This Design". We will enter the your topics into that Design Layout.


Step 3: Plug the Related Noise App into Your Site

Now that you have completed creating your feed, click on the button that redirects you back to Weebly. In your Weebly page editor, scroll to the bottom of the left hand menu. You will see our Related Noise app, drag and drop the Related Noise icon onto the section of your site that you want your page to appear.


Don't forget to click "Publish"!


Step 4: View Your Feed

We always encourage you to double check what your site looks like in a few browsers, maybe even on a couple different devices. If it doesn't look beautiful, let us know immediately and we'll help you figure out what's going on.


Step 5: Open your Related Noise Editor

If you ever want to change anything about your Related Noise feed you can open the Related Noise editor inside your Weebly editor page, by clicking on the orange and purple banner that appears directly above your feed. This banner only appears in your editor! For the full Related Noise experience, like website visitor analytics, head over to and log into your account.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Tweet us @relatednoise or email us

Congrats on finishing this walkthrough! Kudos to you for doing an awesome job.


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