How To Add Your Feed To Your Custom Website or Blog

So you have created a Related Noise feed filled with awesome content and now you want to supercharge your site. No worries, once you make it through this quick walkthrough it will be all taken care of.

If you would rather watch a video walk-through check out the video below:

Step 1: Authorize your Page

On your Related Noise account click the icon that looks like an electrical plug, if you hover over it "Connect" will pop up.

On this page you will see "Step 1: Give us Your Website's Domain". ENTER in the domain of your page without "http://" or "www." and exclude anything after ".com", ".org" etc. If any of this extra junk is in the submission, the Related Noise team will have to come find you to verify the right domain. Please don't make us do that, no one wants to see that. Once your domain has been verified you will be ready to get into the good stuff.


Step 2: Copy the Javascript or HTML Code


Right under the Authorization section you will see a Yellow Shield, with a S inside, and 'JS' above the shield. You will also a red shield with a 5 inside and 'HTML' above it. You can select either JS or HTML.

However, as long as your website supports it we always recommend using our JavaScript embeddable widget.

NOTE:  If you can't use the embeddable widget and need to use an iFrame, no problem, we got you covered. However, by using iFrames you inherently miss out on some of the awesome SEO and responsive scaling benefits that you would get by using our embeddable JavaScript widget.

Click and highlight all of the code in the box immediately below the shield you select. We cannot stress the importance of making sure that you copy all of the code. Missing any of that beautiful code will be as bad as the time you forgot to get your mom a gift on Mother's Day. 


After you have copied all of the Related Noise code head on over to your code base and we will pick this back up when you are on the page that you are going supercharge with your Social Feed.


Step 3: Integrate the Related Noise Code 

Paste your Related Noise JavaScript or iFrame code into your website's HTML code in the section of your page that you would like your feed to appear. Once you have inputted the code in your HTML, save the page and deploy it to your server, and we will take care of the rest. 

After you've integrated your Related Noise Feed, you don't ever have to repeat this process again! All updates and changes you want to make to your feed can be done through accessing your Related Noise account at

You can curate content, remove a post you don't like, and even change the design of your feed and your website will be updated automatically without you having to ever update your site again.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Tweet us @relatednoise or email us


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