What is the Difference Between Wordpress ".com" and ".org"?

So you are looking at and and aren't sure what the difference, well you hit some luck today. We are going to briefly walkthrough the main differences between the two.


Headliner: The biggest difference in the two services is that you host your own site and they host your site for you.


If you are going to pick between the two the main question you need to ask yourself is do you want to develop and customize your own site? Also do you have the development resources?


Pros of

  • No Development costs
  • Can pick a pre-made design for your site
  • It's Free
  • Good Support Network
  • Good amount of themes to pick from

Cons of

  • will be in the domain name
  • Customization options limited to options
  • Can't host videos

Pros of

  • More control and flexibility over your site
  • Can use your own domain name
  • Ability to design your own site
  • Large network of support and plugins to improve site
  • Use your own domain name

Cons of

  • Need development and design capabilities
  • Hosting cost


We hope that this is helpful. Whichever you select, we hope that you make it awesome with Related Noise.


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